Sunday, May 27, 2012

How to make sandwich-less lunches

So a few months ago Lilo told me that she no longer liked sandwiches, or that she only liked peanut butter sandwiches. Since she can't bring nuts to school that wasn't going to work. I tried to convince her that sandwiches were ok but after a week untouched sandwiches left in her lunchbox I went a different route. 

So here are some examples of lunches I have made for her.
1. Pasta salad (left over pasta with some carrots, peppers and her fav. caeser dressing), blueberries and cheddar cheese.
2. Left over peorgies, blueberries and oranges, carrots
3. Half of apple, triscuits crackers, keilbasa sausage, cheddar cheese, mini marshmallows
4. Left over lettuce wraps - rice, beef and carrots in romain leaves, cheddar cheese, red peppers
5. Chick peas, orange, cheddar cheese and oatmeal muffin
6. Rice crackers, keilbasa sausage, cheddar cheese and cucumber slices

The lunch box also has a top with a spot for a drink and 2 snacks.
She usually gets an apple juice and snacks are sometimes easy granola bars and fruit snacks, but also cransins and raisins, grapes, carrots, cheese or graham crackers.
I got the silcone muffin cups from an exchange a did a few years back and they fit perfectly, I also like to include a mini cocktail fork - it's cute and fits nicely.

So I hope I've inspired some people to mix it up for the last month of school. 
What are your kid's favourite school lunches?

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