Wednesday, May 23, 2012

How to make a mini photo book from an old greeting card

Isla has recently found Lilo's baby photo book and has been bringing it around with her and showing it to everyone - I had to remove the one bum photo since of course she showed that one first. Anyway, I thought it would be good to make her a new photo book with actual photos of her and no bums.
So with the left over photos that we printed from the Letter I craft we made a photo album for Isla. 

I made the book from an old greeting card. I covered the inside of the card with coloured paper. Then I cut white paper to fit inside and folded them in half. I stapled the edges and then glued them in the seam and let dry. Once dry I trimmed the edges so it fit into a book better. I had actually made this before I decided to make it into a photo book, it was just a note book at this point but once I got the idea of the photo book this was the perfect size.
So as I said up above I used the extra photos we printed and cut them out and glued them into the book. Isla wrote her name in the front and there we go, a cute little photo book (oh and she's figured out how to write the S now). 
It reminds me of a conversation we had awhile ago. We met a baby named Isla which she thought was pretty cool. After they left she asked me "Do you like the name Isla?", I said "Yes, do you?", she said, "Not so much, the S is hard."

The idea to make a book from a greeting card actually came from Isla - she made one first and then I copied her. Kids have the best ideas. And thanks to all the friends that I worked with that donated their old holiday cards to our crafting stash, they have been well used. 

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