Tuesday, May 01, 2012

How to make a tee with a kids drawing.

At the last minute I realized that Lilo hadn't made anything for Isla for her birthday. So quick thinking Mom came up with this idea to have her draw a picture and I attach it to tee and voila a great gift.

I took a piece of white knit jersey and ironed on some Heat n' Bond to the back and cut it into 2 pieces. I gave them to Lilo with some fabric markers that I got at the dollar store. I gave her 2 pieces so there was no stress if one doesn't turn out. The paper back of the Heat n' Bond made the fabric more stable for her to draw on, but I did forget to tell her which side to draw on so the first attempt was on the paper backing.

When she was done with the drawing I removed the backing and I ironed it on to a spare blank tee I had.
Then I sewed 2 rows of straight stitch around the whole square about 1/8" inch from the edge.

I added a boarder to the image with a wide piece of rick rack. The corners I just folded the trim over and sewed on the other side of the trim since there is no true right and wrong side.

And done. Fast, easy and super cute.

She was super happy to open the present and has worn it a few times already. She is very proud to tell everyone that her sister and Mom made it for her.


Melissa said...

This is such a cute idea! I love the artwork of little ones and this is a perfect way to save it! I save all my drawings from my grandkids, going to start embroidering on squares for my very own 'grammie' quilt!

Vone said...

Melissa, embroidering the kids drawings is a super cute idea. I have way too many drawings here to do that :) I can't keep them all so I try to take lots of pictures of them in hopes of one day getting around to make a photo album of their art.