Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How to teach the Alphabet - the letter I for Isla

Since my little girl's name starts with "I" it only made sense to do I for Isla (pronounced Eye-la). 

First she sat with me and we looked through a bunch of photos on the computer of her and she picked a bunch for us to print. I selected all the photos to print and then selected to print a contact sheet of them but they seemed a bit small so I also printed a wallet size sheet (9 photos per sheet) of them as well.

After cutting them all out she placed them on a sheet of paper so we could see how many we could fit. She also cut out the red I to put on after the pictures were glued down.

She first glued down the large photos and then the I.

After she filled in spots with the small photos, that way we got all the pictured on.

I loved how it turned out, lots of bright coloured pictured and big smiles. We made another great craft with the extra photos - I promise to share soon.

The Letter A for Alligator
The Letter B for Bubbles
The Letter C for Circles and Clown
The Letter D for Donut
The Letter E for Easter Eggs
The Letter F for Fairy
The Letter G for Glitter
The Letter H for Hands

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