Monday, June 04, 2012

How to teach the alphabet - the Letter J for Jellybeans

Like every week we do a letter, we all brainstorm to come up with an idea Isla will like - picky girl. Anyway, of course she agreed to J for Jellybeans (I can see her already planning out the sampling as we make it.) 
I had some left over Jellybeans from Christmas (could you tell) that weren't that great so they would be perfect for this.

We started like all of the letters, with me drawing it out and Isla cutting and glueing the letter to a piece of construction paper.

Then we dotted glue all over the J and she added jelly beans.

And more jelly beans. And then we went out to do some errands and let them dry.

Don't they look tasty. 

And when we came home this is what we saw - blah. Gross, the jelly beans had dissolved in the glue. Not the look we were going for - J for Juicy jelly beans.

So out came the handy glue gun. We cut out a new J and glued it to a new piece of construction paper. I then put a dab of hot glue on the J and Isla stuck new jelly bean on it and we filled the J. Good thing she didn't eat all the left over jelly beans.

So now we have a J for Jellybeans and a mess.
Here are past letters
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The Letter I for Isla (daughter's name)

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