Thursday, June 07, 2012

Photo of the day for June

I came across this list of photo a day for June over at FatMumSlim and I thought it would be a fun way to get me taking more photos. I am having a little IPhone envy lately as Instagram looks very cool and would make this project a lot easier but instead I have my Nikon out and processing the pics in Lightroom (a awesome program for editing photos). And I have taken inspiration from Instagram when processing these photos and played around with them more then I usually do.

1. Morning
It was the first rainy day in a long time.

2. Empty
June 2nd was triathlon day. My daughter and husband did their first triathlon races. It was a long morning that deserved a good lunch and pint.

3. On your plate
I made S'more cupcakes. 

4. Close up
Isla and I played with beads today

5. Sign
I love our neighbourhood. 

6. Hat
This photo is a few years old when I was taking a photography course and had to take a self portrait.

I will try and post a few pictures every few days. 

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