Monday, June 18, 2012

How to teach the alphabet - the Letter K for Karate

K for karate chop.
After this project we had a lot of fun karate chopping each other. Isla had be so girly sometimes but likes to play rough too, best of both worlds.

She cut out the K and then drew out a head, hands and feet that I cut out and she glued them all down.

Then she added the belt and some extra stripes for details. It was a girl karate person so she added earrings on her drawing too, I guess you have to look pretty even when you fight.

Here are past letters
The Letter A for Alligator
The Letter B for Bubbles
The Letter C for Circles and Clown
The Letter D for Donut
The Letter E for Easter Eggs
The Letter F for Fairy
The Letter G for Glitter
The Letter H for Hands
The Letter I for Isla (daughter's name)
The Letter J for Jelly beans


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