Monday, June 18, 2012

Photo of the day June 11 - 18

More photos of the day for June

11. Door

When we moved in this screen door was in the garage, my husband fixed the screen and put it up. It looks great and lets air into the house.

12. From a low angle

This photo is actually from this past October when we biked to the CN tower.

13. Art

They finally put up hoarding around the ugly empty lot by our house and they put this pretty mural around it - so much nicer.

14. Time

Photo of the clock on the Fire Station down the street from us.

15. Yellow

I didn't realize the hydrants in our neighbourhood were yellow until I started looking for yellow things.  

16. Out and about

Us girls went out Saturday morning to check out some garage sales.

17. In your bag

The only thing I bring when I drop Lilo off to school (photo actually taken on the 18th :)

18. Something we don't know about you

I love pickles, I probably eat 2-3 a day and more if they are the good kind. 


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