Thursday, April 30, 2009

How to make something cool everyday in April

So I did it. I know I didn't post about every day but I have a list of 30 cool things that I (or Lilo) made this month.

  1. finished dress 1

  2. finished dress 2

  3. finished dress 3

  4. spaghetti straps

  5. egg shakers

  6. chocolate chip cookies

  7. decorated sugar cookies

  8. sinful graham cracker treats

  9. cupcakes

  10. Isla’s 1st birthday invitation

  11. envelopes

  12. I spy bottles

  13. googly eye octo-monster

  14. egg shell art

  15. birds

  16. toilet paper roll cats

  17. flubber

  18. name necklaces

  19. Super yummy peanut butter/ chocolate/ banana smoothie

  20. Easter eggs

  21. goldfish filled carrots

  22. googly eye hair clips

  23. pipe cleaner, wooden bead bracelet

  24. flower/ tissue paper balls

  25. immunity necklace

  26. refashioned men's jeans into girls jeans

  27. cupcake bib

  28. oatmeal muffins

  29. cat bed/ kid sitting spot

  30. treasure map
I realized that after this month that I do make something cool most days - well some days I make a few cool things, balanced by other days where we don't do as much.
So there are some more posts to come and others I don't need one. I've been working my butt off on these bridesmaid dresses, they are coming along, 2 weeks to go. Then I'm off to Florida for a week of holidays. So it might be June before I post again.
Also I still have space in the get something made by me, and I edited it so please check it out.


Dot said...

That is awesome!!

Thanks for playing Make Something Cool Everyday in April! I had a great time and met some cool new friends, hope you did too! Please come read this. I'm planning to do a wrap up.


kawaii crafter said...

That's pretty amazing when you think about it, 30 things in one month.


tamdoll said...

That's fantastic that you got so many things done - you must be thrilled!