Wednesday, January 10, 2007

How to...use old Christmas cards

I have a few Christmas ideas but I’m putting them on hold until at least October. Rob said that I could post now and then re-post closer to - so I’ll see what I should do.
But this one I thought I had to post now. I was home yesterday – boo sick – and got a late Christmas card in the mail and made me think of what to do with it. No point putting it up with the others as I should take those down anyways. And then I thought I should post now before people throw out their Christmas cards.
To follow the theme of the first post – don’t throw them out.
There is lots you can do with these cards – depending on the picture on them

1. Cut out the image – say of Santa or the Snowman – and use it as a gift card for a present.
2. Make a mini gift box out of it – I’ll make one and post the picture later with more details
3. Use parts for scrapbooking. No I’m not scrapbooking yet but I keep wanting to start – at least make a book for Lilo’s first year.
4. College and laminate for placemats.

If there is writing on the back (and you will see it, ie: gift card, gift box) then you could glue solid construction paper on the back to cover it.

So in closing don’t throw out your Christmas cards – expect the crappy cheesy ones you didn’t like in the first place.


Jenn said...

I remember my mom cutting out christmas cards every year and I actually did that this past weekend! It's nice to have an assortment to use as gift tags etc... Great tip!

Janet said...

I kid you not, I've saved Christmas cards for probably close to 10 years. I've got them stashed in various drawers/boxes etc., all completely unbeknownst to my hubby. I've just couldn't bring myself to throw them out since they're from good friend or family and for the most part, the only time I have contact with several of the senders. Plus, many cards were also really nice and I thought maybe some day I could pull some out and do something crafty with my boys. Never expected my obsession to go on this long, BUT NOW, I finally have various solutions! Thanks VONE!!!! And the timing of this post is perfect, since I really should actually get going on this now otherwise waiting will put me in the position of not having time to do it when i really need them.
Here goes................

Vone said...

I'm thinking that I might actually do something with my cards this year too. I also have a collection and when Christmas comes who has the time to be crafty.
Once Liz's dress is done and out of the house I will put the decorations away and start cutting up the cards. I'll post some of the creations.