Friday, February 09, 2007

How to … make the cutest Valentine’s ever

Supplies needed
- A kid – in my case Lilo
- White paper
- Red Crayons
- Red and/or pink paper
- Heavy paper or plain cards
- Glue
- Scissors

I got this book on games and activities for 1-2 year olds from my aunt this summer. It’s a pretty neat book with a bunch of ideas by month on different activities to do with toddlers.
For February they had this idea to get your child to draw with a red crayon and cut the paper out in heart shapes. So I took this idea and made Valentines.
After work one day Lilo and I had art time. Lilo had a good time colouring and thought it was funny that the crayons left marks on the paper. But I think she had more fun dumping the box of 64 crayons and trying to put them back in the box then she actually did colouring.
After she went to bed I did the rest. I found my card making stuff and some red paper to use behind the white hearts. The only thing I could find was this scrapbooking paper that is pink on one side and red on the other. The 2 tone behind the white heart was actually only done because I didn’t have enough paper to make the 6 Valentines I wanted to. After cutting out 4 squares there were 2 strips that were left only half as wide as I needed them. So I was thinking about piecing them together – tried one side that was red and one pink so it wouldn’t be obvious that I ran out of paper and ended up liking it better. So I cut the other squares in half so I could do them halfy halfy also.

I made a template for the heart – laid it out on Lilo’s art to find the best place to cut out the hearts to get the best look. Traced and cut them out and glued it all together.
To finish these masterpieces off – I wrote “Original Art by Lilo Emerson” on the back.

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentines Day.


Janet said...

We LOVED our card! Such a great way to get your kid involved in something and yet not deal with the frustration of having them involved. Plus the finished product was actually presentable!

Man, you've been a busy blogger!
It's been fun catching up!

Sara ... no H said...

I love these - you are the coolest Mom ever...

Ps - I guess my card got lost in the mail ;)

Vone said...

Don't blame me - Lilo mailed them.