Friday, March 23, 2007

How to ... make a spring arrangement

So I have finally done something creative – it’s been a while.

I know some of you are looking at this picture thinking WTF - who the hell put flowers in that boot – where’s the wagon wheel table and potpourri? Well this blog isn’t really for you anyways – you might read it because you’re bored at work but you really aren’t the intended audience anyways. So for those of you that care here’s the story:

I bought Lilo 2 pairs of rubber boots the other week as she had just grown out of her winter boots. I decided to get 2 pair right away as her one foot will out grow the boot shortly and thought I should be smart and have the next size up now. So that will leave me with one boot that she will never wear. So I started to think of what I could do with it – cause little yellow rubber boots are pretty cute.
Yesterday while grabbing lunch they were selling gerberas daisies for charity. I love gerberas and thought they would look really cute in the boot. I thought the boot as a vase would be very springy and fun.

I put a small plastic glass in the boot – filled with water. I cut the flowers to size and vola. Well not exactly – since there weren’t many flowers they looked pretty dumb just flopping over. So I went through my stash of crap and found some raffia and stuck it in. I think it fills the arrangement out nicely and it holds the flowers up.

So my spring arrangement – enjoy!

And no I didn't just post this so I wouldn't get crossed off anyones bloggy friends list - what's up with all this blog politics.

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