Friday, April 13, 2007

How to … make your art fit a bought frame

While looking through some old stuff quite a while ago, I found this patchwork art that my aunt Karin made for me when I was a kid. It was hanging in my room most of my childhood and I brought it to university with me but never put it back in a frame.
After I found it again I thought it would look cool in Lilo’s room – nice and retro. I bought a frame from Ikea that was close in size. When I got home and checked it was just a bit too big and the edges of the art showed. So it sat around for months and months. Recently we are trying to get our house in order and I’ve decided to finally get all the artwork we have up I found this one and the frame again. Having a Friday night to myself I got to finishing up on some projects. I was going to have to find a way to add some black to the edges of this artwork to finish it up and have it fit in the frame. First I did the lazy thing but trying to just use black marker on the edges but that looked stupid.
Then I looked through my felt scraps but I don’t seem to have any black. I do have other black fabric I could use but I didn’t really feel like sewing so I had this brilliant idea. I got a bunch of old sewing notions from Rob’s great aunt that recently passed and thought I might have something in there that would work. I found a pack of black hem tape or seam binding or something like that. So I decided to glue gun it on to the edges. It made it the perfect width. I trimmed the height to fit the frame and tried to put it together.
While trying to get everything to line up one of the stupid prongy things that you bend back to hold the frame together wasn’t bent back and while I was pushing it all together I heard a crack. Yep – after all that work I broke the glass on the frame. Oh well, it never had glass when it was hung up in my room so I got rid of the glass and put it together.

I think it looks pretty good – now I just have to hang it. I wish I could buy the Hercules Hooks in a store and get it up right away – now I have to get some nails or hooks or something.
Hopefully it won't take another few months before it actually gets up.

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Sara ... no H said...

haha - I have broken 2 glass inserts in those same Ikea frames - they suck for that! Looks great though - and you're right - perfect for Lilo's room!