Friday, December 05, 2008

How to bake with kids - part 2

So we tried another recipe in that book - cheesy twists. Well first ours were more cheese rectangles, I tried to twist them and they just broke. Oh well I'm sure they taste the same. Why do things always look better in a book, also this is a kids book, the pictures should be more realistic like this picture.
They were ok - very buttery but maybe because I over estimated when I added the butter. How do you measure a tablespoon of cold butter - soft ok but hard. Plus the recipe asked for 4 Tablespoons - when I look now I realize that's 1/4 cup - why didn't they just ask for that. I could measure that - with the lines on my butter. Also I used unsalted butter (it was on sale) but salted butter would have tasted better, I did add a bit of salt but it could have used more - I love salt.
I also found with both of these recipes I tried they were very dry - hard to roll out with out the dry bits on the sides that you have to throw out since they don't mix back in.

So we had these cheese rectangles with chicken noodle soup. It was the first time Lilo ate soup and she actually ate some of it. I always like finding something new that Lilo will eat.

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