Wednesday, December 10, 2008

How to make baby food

So today I was productive making Isla some more food - her stock was getting low. So I made some butternut squash, green beans, sweet potato, chicken and the other day broccoli. I bought the book - Blender Baby Food and really like it. It has some good tips - like for broccoli, use the steams only at first since the buds have a weird texture that babies don't like - which is a great idea since I usually don't cook up the steams for us to eat. So when I made I did about 70% steams and 30% buds and the texture was pretty good.
Another tip in the book is to grate hard veggies like carrots before you cook them so they puree easier. I used the food processor to shred the carrots and then just used it again to puree (one less thing to clean)
This was the first time I pureed chicken - it's gross - but Isla did taste it off the spoon when I was freezing it so hopefully it's a go.
I freeze the purees in either a ice cube tray or in a muffin tin - you can freeze bigger portions this way. To remove from muffin tin - place upside down on cutting board (or any clean surface) and use a hot wet cloth on the back to pop them out. I push on the bottom of each muffin and you will hear (feel) it pop out.
Then freeze in zip lock bags with name and date.
Another thing I've been doing is for the really watery purees - some of them after you thaw them out they are really watery - like zucchini and pear - I add some cereal to it so it's a better consistency to stay on the spoon.
Isla has been liking most things I've given her - except pear, she gives a funny face when I try giving it to her.

She also loves finger food - probably since she's a crazy girl with 8 teeth already at under 8 months. I've been giving her cut up bananas, grapes, avocado and chick peas. I also give her the standard Cheerios and my famous rice cakes - the best baby/ toddler treat, if they don't know it can be a treat and better for them than any cookies or teething cracker.
Or now I really should be getting to my list below and stop blogging :)

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