Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How to make Christmas presents

So this year is a handmade present year - well not 100% but a few more than normal.
Here is the first that I've finished.

It's for my cousin - it's a picture of this puppy.
I've found a new favorite blog - dollar store crafts. I'm all about making something for nothing - or next to nothing. Crafting can be expensive if you buy all the real crafting stuff but I just never throw anything out and buy on the cheap.
So for this one - I bought the frame at the dollar store and just happened to have 3 sizes of googly eyes at home.
I'm also working on a wreath made from pinecones that Lilo and I have found on our walks. It's not done yet - I'll post when it is.

I have tons of other ideas so hopefully I will have time to do them. At least it's only the beginning of December so maybe I will.


Heather - CROQZine.com said...

Aahh! It's so cool! Great job! I love the teeeeeny little googlies. So cute.

-Heather (dollar store crafts)

Kate said...

I thought I recognized the picture. Chris will love it.