Friday, December 12, 2008

How to make Christmas tree garland

So this was my fast project of the day - paper garland. I've been wanting to make this garland out of printed paper I have. I have a bunch of paper from work that was being thrown out with nice prints on them. But I didn't get around to making this garland because I didn't have ribbon to use. I have some but it's printed with my previous company name on it (I love to collect stuff from work that they are just going to throw out.) but I couldn't figure out how to cover it with out it taking too much time (like dyeing or painting it).
But I saw this idea and thought this look so much easier and faster and I'm sewn on paper before so I knew it would work. So I punched out a bunch of circles with the paper I had and sewed them all together leaving about 1" or so between each circle. I made a length and tried it on the tree and then ended up making 2 more. I think they look really neat even seeing the white on the back of them.

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Heather - said...

It looks great! I got the idea from Martha Stewart a couple years ago, and she used circles for her garland.