Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to do more kids crafts

I've been inspired by No time for flash cards and how she makes crafts based on her childs current interests.
Lilo has been in love with Canadian flags lately. About 2 months ago while we were driving she pointed out a flag, I told her it was a Canada flag - they are red and white with a maple leaf. So now when we drive she points out every Canada flag and has to tell me that they are red and white wif maple weaf.
That's why I thought we'd make our own Canadian flag. I got the idea from here.
I found a bunch of red paper, mostly Christmas wrapping paper that wasn't too Christmasy and some flyers. We both cut them up into pieces - Lilo loves trying to cut things out herself right now.
As she was cutting the paper out I drew out the maple leaf and the stripes on the sides. Then we glued the pieces in place. As you can see there are some places where I helped more than others. This project took a few sittings - she got a little bored while we were making it but wanted to finish it so took it out again the next day.
Lilo has this thing about filling all the white spaces but you don't have to.

If you wanted to do this you could also cut just construction paper and cut yourself - or have you child tear them if you don't want them to handle scissors :)
This could be a good Canada day project - or if American do an American flag for 4th of July.

This morning Lilo asked to make an owl - not sure why but I said ok. First Lilo drew out some owls on construction paper - I helped her a bit but she mostly did it. Then drew some big black eyes. Then she cut them out, pretty much by herself, she's getting pretty good. Then we glued them on the big white paper. We had to do 2 owls so he had a friend.
I cut out some beaks and she glued them on. Then we glued on some feathers that I had from the dollar store.
Then she decided that it needed some trees (that have happy faces on them) and some blue sky.
I think she did a great job, especially since she did it almost all herself. My little artist :)
So now I really think I need to make an art portfolio book for her.

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