Monday, February 09, 2009

How to make a Valentine's game

I love Valentines and I think the reason is my mom. She always got me something, even when I moved away she sent me a care package for Valentines day. Today I got the care package from her for the girls - 2 little outfits and a little craft Valentines wand set for Lilo. We already made them and destroyed them.
So I've decided that I have to make something for my girls. For Lilo I have made a Valentine's bean bag toss game.

Red, pink, purple and light purple felt (I just used the cheapy felt, no all wool, Martha stuff)
Muslin or other plain fabric
Tin (I used an old formula container, but a coffee tin would also work)
Stuff to decorate tin

First I cut out 6 large hearts - cut out in Red and in Purple. Then cut out smaller hearts 3 each of pink and light purple. Sew the smaller hearts onto a larger heart.
Then cut out the muslin into slightly smaller hearts - 12 in total. Sew around them with 1/4" seam allowance - leaving 1/2" opening. Then I used pinking shears around the edges (this might not be needed).

Then fill with rice (you could probably use something else I just have a huge bag of rice right now - not sure why :) I tried using a funnel to fill the bags but the funnel tip was too small and the rice wasn't getting through very well. So I just opened the opening and used a spoon to fill it - I held it over the bag so the extra would just spill back into the bag.
Then sewed them closed - use a zipper presser foot if you have. I took them and sandwiched them between 2 large hearts (one plain and one with the appliqued heart on it). Sew 1/4" seam allowance and sew around. Then I pinked the edges around the hearts.
For the tin - I just used some felt, paper heart cut outs and ribbon to dress it out.

So the game is just to throw the bags into the tin - 3 for each player. It's based on an idea I saw for an Easter bean bags.

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