Thursday, April 23, 2009

How to make toilet paper roll cats

So it was another day of Lilo saying - I want to make something. She wanted to make 2 black cats like our cats. We went down to my studio to see what we could use to make them.

I took a toilet paper roll and put 2 holes 3/4" apart, 3/4" from the end - then threaded a pipe cleaner through and cut to length. I taped the pipe cleaner down in the middle inside the TP roll. Then shaped feet. Do the same thing at the other end so the cat has 4 feet.
Tape a tail on.

To make the head I used one egg carton piece - the corner pieces. I made a neck out of a piece of a TP roll - I just folded it and rolled it a little smaller and taped together. I glued and taped the head on to the body, but it fell off during painting so I re-attached later with a glue gun.

Lilo and I then painted the cats black.
They kinda look like Darth Vader cats before the face is put on.

After they are dry you can add ears and a face.
I took them out into the yard for some fun. Our poor cats are stuck inside.


Chrissy said...

So cute! I'll be linking to your kitty creation next week! said...

That is SO cute! I love this! SO much character in those little guys. I'll be linking.

Carly said...

I love how you posed them outside and took pics -- too damn cute. Also, how is your grass so green already? Are you in Ontario?

Thanks for sharing!

Vone said...

I really like the outdoor photos - it was fun and they look so playing in the yard.
Yes, I'm in Ontario - Toronto. We're getting some nice spring weather, it's going to be 27C tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Great way to turn trash into treasure - they are adorable!