Monday, July 13, 2009

How to make something for Dad

Here are 2 gifts that Lilo made for her Dad. His birthday was the day after we got back from Florida so I didn't plan any gifts since we did a bunch of shopping while we were gone. The girls and I did make cupcakes and I thought that was good. But at 5pm - 20mins before my husband got home, Lilo says that we have to make something a present for Daddy. How could I say no. I was trying to think of something quick we could do and saw an easter egg on the floor of the play room and was reminded of a craft I saw on Mr. Maker - a wobbly clown.

First open the egg and put a piece of modeling clay or I used a piece of blue sticky tack since I had some on hand from university.

Then close it up and add a face. We put googly eyes on, pompoms for hair, a red jewel for a nose and made a mouth out of a foam sheet. Then Lilo said he needed ears - so we glued them on as well.

Daddy loved it. But the following week the episode of Mr. Maker was on where he made this clown and Lilo realized that we made it wrong. The nose should have been a small red pompom and the hair was crunched up tissue paper. I say go with what you have.

Then I poorly planned Father's Day and made another last minute gift - again Mr. Maker inspired. It's a friendly dragon box to hold your bits and piece (pens and stuff).

It's made from an old tea box, covered with scrap booking paper. The eyes, nose and tongue are made from foam sheets. Lilo drew them out and I helped her cut them out and glue them on. She saw the glitter and thought he needed some glitter - so that's why he has red glitter eye. I think she was right, he did need some glitter. She also wanted to give him a happy smile to make him a friendly dragon. The tongue is glued under the flap so when you open his mouth the tongue is hanging below.

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