Monday, October 26, 2009

How to make a halloween bird mobile

I saw this super cute bird pattern over at Spool Sewing and they made this colourful bird mobile. I thought it would be fun to do a Halloween version.

I made it last year and it looks much cooler when it's dark out but it's daytime now and I wanted to post this before Halloween this year (EDIT: I've added the night photo from Halloween night)I hung it outside by our front door last year and we had green lights behind it - very cool looking.

Anyways, I found all the different black fabrics I could find, velour, an assortment of vinyl, raw silk, spandex and a few printed fabrics that worked.

I realized afterwards that I really should have read the instruction instead of just guessing them like I usually do - since you weren't suppose to stuff their tails. So they could have been a big cuter and well balanced better maybe.
The hardest part was trying to get the birds to balance. Every time I glued them they would want to fall upside down - so some are. Maybe they are bat birds :)

In the dark you can't tell.

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urban craft said...

always always cool stuff to make here.
In my case, though, this will be the after halloween mobile.