Tuesday, November 24, 2009

How to make princess hands

This was a project inspired by Mister Maker, BBC show that airs on Treehouse. He was making scary monster hands to surprise your friends with. After he showed how to make them he showed other options, included a queen hand. Lilo thought we should make pretty princess hands and not monsters since she didn't want to scare anyone. And since I had been saving some of my old rubber gloves it was easy.
First I stuffed the fingers with stuffing. Mister Maker actually stuffed the whole hand and put an old wooden spoon in the hand and tied the bottom closed. Then used a sock to put over your arm and to hold the spoon. Since I didn't have any old wooden spoons, we just put them on our hands and since the fingers were stuffed it worked on her small hand.
Then I cut out some nails out of craft foam and then we glued a bunch of stars and some flowers from a broken lei. We also added some stickers. I also had some white fun fur that I thought we could add a queen type cuff but Lilo didn't want it.

So, voila - beautiful princess hands.
But the monster hands were fun, they had furry knuckles and a few moles.

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