Sunday, November 29, 2009

How to update your window shades

So, it's not a super exciting transformation - but it looks a ton better then it did before! I was getting tired of looking at the dingy, fringed hem on these shades. So I finally just chopped them off.
I measured across the bottom and cut.

Then using a glue gun I applied white webbing to the edge. The ends of the webbing are just folder and glued to the back.
It was also the first time since we moved in that I've actually dusted the shades, so they are a lot less dingy now.
We had these shades in all the rooms at the front of our house, so I fixed the 2 in our bedroom and the 2 in the bathroom. I left the shades in Lilo's room as-is, since I they fringed edge goes with her girly theme. And now that the shades in her room aren't the same as all of the other rooms, they almost look like they were put there on purpose.
Now I need some kind of curtain or valence to add a pop of colour in our bedroom. Our room is entirely white, since we have never been able to settle on a colour to paint it. We HAD to do something with our bedroom immediately upon moving in, since the previous owners had left behind a pink and purple sponge painting experiement gone horribly wrong with a metallic floral boarder. So white it was, and white it has stayed. But at least these new-ish shades have helped clean it up a little more, for now. I also am thinking that I could add another colour ribbon above the white webbing to add some colour/interest.


JHill said...

Looks so much better! I'm a sucker for nice clean lines though.

PS I saw over on your sidebar that you had some issues with marker stains. I'm not on Twitter so I will comment here. Have you tried rubbing alcohol? If the marker was water-based, it should help. That's how I got my son's ink pen masterpiece off our new couch this summer.

Heather - - said...

It looks good!

Vone said...

It's funny the marker was dry erase but I'm finding everything is taking the paint off the wall. I would rather not have to re-paint the room.