Wednesday, February 10, 2010

How to make a jewelry organizer

I finally, in January, got around to organizing my jewelry. It only took me 3 years to get it done. We have this gap in the closet organizer that is perfect to put my jewelry.

I've seen many organizers for necklaces that fit half a dozen or so necklaces but I don't throw my necklaces out since you never know when you might want to wear them so as you can see I have a lot more. I decided to use to an old rail that we had from Ikea and the hooks.
I still had to double or triple up my necklaces but at least they aren't all tangled in the basket anymore and I can see them.

For my earrings I took an old canvas that I had tried to paint but it was not successful and had been sitting in the basement for years. I cut out the canvas and stretched mesh screening over it and stapled into place. Then I used some ribbon to trim it. The ribbon works well to be able to pin my brooches to (not that I wear them but they look pretty don't they?)

I still have my basket filled with broken jewelry and odd stuff but most of it's organized. I put my earrings with the backings in an old jewelry box that I got a beautiful necklace in. I can close it up and keep them all together. I also have a small box behind it that I have some bracelets in. And I even have some space for a few of the hubby's hats and belts.
I know it would prettier if I had painted this spot first but it had taken me this long just to get this done that I didn't care, I'm just happy to be able to see all my jewelry and not to untangle a necklace every time I want to wear one.

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Alone in Holy Land said...

Great idea!
I've been putting of this task of organizing my jewerly for some time now, but I thing I'll take a leaf from your book now (steal your idea, that is) and do something about it.