Friday, August 13, 2010

How to make personalized door hangers

Lilo and I made door hangers for her and Isla's door last weekend. She saw the idea on Mr. Maker, he made a bottle sign for his door made from a shower gel bottle that had a hook on it. Since we didn't have any shower gel bottle Lilo suggested just using paper. I thought cardboard would work better but like her thinking outside of the box.
I drew out 2 for each door hanger on the inside of the box. Then we drew on the basic painting areas.
I put our shower curtain/painting drop cloth on the dining room table and got out the "messy paints", acrylic paints. We painted the base colours and then started to add details, like necklace and trim styling.

Once the paint was dry we added outline with a black marker. And then glued the 2 pieces together and let it dry under a big book to weight it down.
One side is awake and the other side is sleeping.
Here's Lilo awake in her rainbow dress.
And asleep in her blue nightgown.

We did this craft Isla was napping and Lilo made the cutest comment since I was making one for Isla - "she's going to love it, I think it's her dream come true"
The girls do love them and turn them to asleep when they go to bed and awake in the morning.

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