Sunday, February 13, 2011

How to make snow Valentines

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Last weekend at the park the snow was perfect to make these snow valentines. I got carried away and couldn't stop making them. I left them all over the park, hopefully it brings a smile to the next people that come visit.
One on the park bench.
On on the end of the slide.
You need the perfect kind of snow to make these, the snow needs to be hard on the top, at least 1 inch but up to 4 (maybe more if you're lucky) of crunchy snow and then it was fluffy underneath. I drew out a heart with my hand and carved it out. Then gently picked it up from underneath.
Some kids had made a snow hill and then after they left I covered it with hearts.

And of course the girls ate their weight in snow and Isla broke as many hearts as she could. It was a fun afternoon in the snow.


Lisa said...

These so make me smile! I love your blog. The muffin tin meals are so cute.

I can't remember exactly how I got here... maybe googled how to make play dough? Not sure, but I got a couple SWEET ideas from you that I am going to change up a little- the cookie sheet you made into a magnet board- how clever are you?! I was thinking I will make tic tac toe magnet/letters for it and paint it with chalkboard paint on one side. Then it can be used several ways.

I loved a lot of your ideas- thank you for taking the time to post! I really enjoyed reading through your blog and am a new follower.

Vone said...

Thanks Lisa - glad you like the blog. I had fun making the snow hearts - I felt like I was doing grafitti, tagging the park. I hope other people got to enjoy them before they melted.

Vone said...

And about the cookie trays - I just bought some stick on chalk board paper from the dollar store - that might work. I might try it. Thanks for the idea.