Sunday, March 13, 2011

How to fill a glass with seasonal decor

As part of the 52 things to do in 2011, one of them was to fill our glass lamp in the living room with something different every month - and so far I have. There is March, a rainbow with a pot of gold.
I started by tracing the bottom of the lamp on a piece of cardboard. I then glued the grass on, the grass was from the Easter section of dollar store. I cut it into tuffs and glued it on.
The rainbow is made from pipe cleaners glued together. The cloud is make-up pads that I pulled apart to look fluffier and glued together and glued to rainbow. For the pot I had originally bought a mini pot from the dollar store but since the bottom of the lamp and the post (holding the wires) that runs down the middle makes it the opening very small so the mini pot wouldn't fit. So instead of scrapping the whole idea I cut a piece of paper towel roll and painted it black and tied a gold ribbon around it.

In the grass I put some little shamrocks in - they are 2 foam stickers stuck together with a toothpick in the middle. Then the toothpicks are poked into the grass. And the gold is chocolate loonies. I had to convince the girls to wait to eat the chocolate.

So far for January it was filled with paper snowflakes and February with paper hearts - so now to start working on April.

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Belly B said...

This is so absolutely adorable!!! :)

Belly B