Friday, March 23, 2012

How to be crafty for Easter - crafts from the past.

Yesterday we started to decorate and make a craft for Easter. I will show our new craft soon, just need to take some more photos of the finished product but in the mean time I thought I'd show some of the Easter crafts I've made in the past to inspire.

Lilo and I dyed egg shells and then glued them to an Easter Egg along with glitter. Check it out here

A grass Easter egg holder made from an egg carton. Check it out here.

A non-chocolate treat for kids on Easter - a disposable icing bag filled with goldfish crackers and tied with a ribbon. Check it out here.

I made noise makers/ egg shakers from plastic Easter eggs and dried beans, rice, lentils and glued and taped them together. Check it out here

And I love these I made last year - Egg holders made from a piece of a toilet paper roll and some sushi grass. Check it out here

Happy Easter crafting.

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