Wednesday, April 11, 2012

How to make a spring vase from a milk carton

We went to a friend's house for Easter dinner and the girls and I thought it would be nice to bring her some flowers.

What you need:
small milk or cream carton (1 litre)
2 shades of green construction paper
other colour paper and/or stickers
water & flowers

First I cut the top of the milk carton off (and saved for another project). Then put the carton on your first piece of green paper - I then cut out the paper 1" or so taller then the carton. I cut pointy grass edge on the top of the paper. 

Glue the paper and wrap around the carton and crease the edges so they fit around nice. 

I then cut out strips of the other green tone to make blades of grass and then we glued them on.

I used small flower punches to cut out a bunch of flowers in different colours and the girls glued them on. I had originally pulled out some printed paper to use to decorate but we liked the look of the little flowers better.

Now just fill with water and flowers. 

I was hoping to get tulips that were more open but we waited till the last minute to buy them (almost forgot) so the selection wasn't great - I guess we weren't the only ones who bought flowers this Easter weekend. But I'm sure they are lovely now.

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Buba said...

Beautiful :-)