Thursday, March 27, 2008

How to know you might be addicted to Scramble

I have really been enjoying playing Scramble on Facebook. I'm not that good and have gotten my ass kicked most of the games I've played - but I still like playing, plus I think I'm getting a bit better and at least making the games a bit closer.

Anyways I realized that I might have a problem when I walked past the Bay eye clinic and started to try to find word in the eye chart they have outside. Weird how the brain gets stuck on things :)

so are you now looking words?


Deb said...

sadly...yes I am! I too have been enjoying playing scramble -- and I too get my ass kicked many a games. But it's still fun.

Jennifer said...

I love playing any sort of game during work - still hooked on Scrabble but no one seems to want to play Scramble with me???

Vone said...

I think it's cause you'll just kick our asses. I wish I could play at work but they blocked facebook for some reason :)

Fibrespace said...

Hi Vone,

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