Friday, September 25, 2009

How to make my birthday extra special

Vote for me - well actually my girls. I've submitted my technology photo on the Durham Region Baby site to win $250 towards graphic design from Sweet World Media. I really want to win this. I've been putting off starting my own kids/mom accessory online business and I need a kick in the pants. If I win this I could get a logo and maybe a web header. So I really, really want to win.

So please everyone go and vote - and then vote again on another computer and maybe even ask someone else to vote too. Vote for Lilo almost 4 and Isla 1 1/2.
If you vote for me you can consider this my birthday present and you won't need to get me a gift.
Update: Thanks everyone who voted and there were a lot of you - unfortunately someone else won. Oh well, that's life. But I'm still considering this my kick in the pants and I will be starting this business of mine.


Carly said...

Sorry you did not win, Vone! Thanks for entering and trying.

I hear you have chatted with Kirsty. She is amazing, and I hope you get to work with her. She is my business partner in the community magazine I'm launching in November.

Keep up the great posts -- I love them!

p.s. -- Happy Birthday, too.

Trudie said...

Sorry you did not win, and happy B day! I have an online shop for baby goodies and if you want any advice please feel free to email me! My site is