Monday, September 28, 2009

Muffin Tin Monday - Circus of Colors

Muffin Tin Monday at Her Cup Overfloweth

Go on over to Her Cup Overfloweth to find out more about Muffin Tin Mondays. It's simply feeding your kids a meal in a muffin tin - just to be different.

This week even though it's a theme less week but since I didn't really do a theme last week when it was children's literature week I thought I'd do one this week. I got the idea while I was reading this book to Isla for the 4th time on the weekend.

Circus of Color by Lisa Hopp, Illustrated by Chiara Bordoni.
It's a cute book where each page is a different colour and a different performer at the circus. Here's my interpretation.

Red - Meatball with ketchup - Kooky the clown's red nose
Yellow - Apple sauce with star sprinkles - The great yellow Starini
Green - Grapes - Big green balloon that's about to POP
Blue - Yogurt with blue food colouring and face - the silly blue clown
Grey - PB&J sandwich in elephant shape - the great grey elephant (I know it's not grey but what food is)
White - Rice - the snow that's turning the circus tent white.
Pink - Also served with strawberry milk - Pretty pink tightrope walker.
I invited one of Lilo's friends over - they thought it was cool but just wanted to play so didn't eat that much. Isla enjoyed it.


Trudie said...

The Elephant is so cute!

Heather - - said...

I also love the elephant!!

Rebecca said...

What a cute muffin tin lunch!

Susana said...

Love your theme and the cute elephant too!

Andrea (ace1028) said...

Love the theme! Using books for MTM is so fun.

Tinkr said...

very creative!
I love the clown face in the yogurt

Tiffany said...

That elephant is so cute! My little guy just asked if I will make him an elephant sandwich for our next MTM.