Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to make Olympic cookies

The other weekend we went to my sister-in-law's house and watched the opening ceremonies for the Olympic and she made these super cute Olympic ring cookies.
She started with a tube of store bought cookie dough and cut them into 1/4" or so slices and flatten them a bit onto a cookie sheet. Then slightly undercooked them (just need them really soft). Right when they come out, using a cup or something round cut out the centre of the cookies to make the rings and let cool completely before removing the rings. We then coloured up some store bought icing in the colours of the rings. We tried to make black but it ended up looking more purple so we used one of the gel icing tubes she had for the black.
Here are the kids sampling the icing.

After admiring and taking pictures of the rings we let the kids choose a ring to decorate with sprinkles.

Doesn't it just make your teeth hurt.
And of course the inside cookie of the rings got snacked on by the parents while the kids decorated. I thought it was such a fun and simple way to get the kids in the Olympic spirit.

And to get us all in the spirit more, my husband put together an Olympic pool like he did last winter Olympics but this time we posted it all on the wall. The basics of the pool is that we split up all the events so we all can get points if Canada medals or gets top 10 in that event. And we also got 2 bonus countries, countries that were ranked 11-27 last Olympics, that we would get points for too. And well to make it a bit more interesting you lost points if USA medals in that event.
It a fun way to keep interested in all events and cheer on some other countries - Go Belarus and France :)
Looking forward to the exciting conclusion of the Olympics. GO CANADA GO!!!

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