Monday, February 13, 2012

How to make a cool Valentine

Here are Lilo's Valentine's she made for her school friends. I saw this idea on Pinterest via Disney Family Fun. 
Super easy to make. For the arrow, I bought a pack of of mini glow sticks from the dollar store that were actually glow stick bracelets. I glue gunned some feathers on the one end and glued a mini heart to the other - it was made using a mini heart punch.
I made a stencil to trace out the large hearts on construction paper. Lilo started tracing and cutting them out but with 20 kids in her class and needing 2 heart per Valentine well it was a lot of work. So I cut out the hearts and she wrote them all out. The one side of the heart Lilo wanted to put "Be my Valentine" and the other was "You make my heart glow". Using a glue stick we glued the 2 hearts together sticking the arrow in the middle. 
The hardest part of it was being gentle with the glow sticks so they didn't crack before the kids get them.
And I'm so glad we started 2 weeks ago since it can be a long painful process to write out all the Valentines - but I'm happy to say they are all done.

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