Sunday, January 11, 2009

How to see what people are looking for

I put a stat counter on my blog about a month ago (since I was posting again) to see if anyone was checking out this site. It is interesting to see that because of the title of my posts "how to" I get a bunch of google hits.
Before the new entries my most popular post was my "how to make an elastic ball" - weird huh? Who would have thought people would really look up how to make one. And I'd had gotten more comments from other people with elastic balls - some guy Tony Evans I guess holds the world record for the biggest elastic ball.
In December one of my project was shown on One Pretty Thing website so "how to make a spice mix" is now #1.
And as of the new year people are looking up how to make maternity pants and stuffed animals.
It's kinda neat that I might be helping people that I know nothing about.
I also have a stat counter on our family blog and we get a couple of google hits there too - "very big toe". At first it seemed weird for strangers to be reading about Lilo's big toe but now I like it since other people can read about a real person living with macrodactyly and hopefully we can help them.
Hope to be posting real projects soon. The exciting things I plan on doing this week are - finishing one of the bridemaid dress fit samples for a fitting next Sunday, re-lining Rob's leather jacket and making my bag for the swap.
Hopefully I can get it all done - only 3 weeks til I go back to work.

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i'm kelly said...

how funny... it always cracks me up to look at the stat counter, and see what searched bring people to my little spot in the world. i love that people are looking up how to make an elastic ball!