Thursday, November 19, 2009

How to make a magnet board for the car or home

I made 2 magnet boards for my daughters for our road trips that we took this summer. It's super simple it's just a cookie sheet. You can use old ones or I picked this one up at Dollarama. Just double check to make sure magnets will stick since some aren't made from the right kind of metal.
Then I just covered with mac-tac (also from the dollar store). It fit perfectly on the kids laps in the car under their arm rests of the car seat. The mac-tac can be used as a dry erase board so you can bring dry erase markers and a cloth to wipe. Also bring magnet toys or letters. I made these plush coloured magnets for Isla since I was afraid of the magnets falling out of the plastic ones if (when) she chewed on them.
I got this fabric from a friend that is printed squares of colours. So I just had a layer of the printed fabric, a layer of white felt and a backing layer. I glued on a small magnet (dollar store) to the back of the felt layer and sewed around. I used fray check on the edges so they wouldn't fall apart.
Lilo liked the board for colouring books and Isla just liked the sound of things banging on it. Either way they were enjoyed and could be tucked easily away when they weren't being used.
This pretty one I made for one of the Pay-It-Forward people. I sent off 2 of the 4 gift, don't worry the other 2 will happen at soonish.


JHill said...

Passing the Kreativ Blogger Award on to you! Check my blog for the image and rules.

I will definitely be making one of these if we end up making a road trip to the inlaws anytime soon!

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