Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to make more ornaments

Here are few last minute ornaments I made yesterday for our babysitters. We have a family of 3 girls up the street that take turns watching our girls when we need. It's very handy to have 3 options in one house.
I wasn't sure what to make/ get for them but at the last minute thought of personalized ornaments.
I made this one from an Arizona Ice Tea can. I cut out all the letters, sanded them and glue gunned it to a popsicle stick. Check out here how I made other ornaments from pop cans.
The problem is these girls have long names :) So I glittered a big J here. I glittered both side this time. Then on from opaque stencil plastic I used white glue and glitter to write the rest of her name out. I used a glue gun to add this piece to the edge of the J. It would also be cute to just do initials. Here is the other glittery ornaments we made.

And since I had some of my book left from the other paper ornament I made I came up with this one. I took about 15-20 pages from the book and wrote out the name. Then with an x-acto knife I cut out all layers. Using white glue I glued all the layers together. I used a small amount of glue on the inside of the letter, leaving the edges so when it was all stacked together you could see the individual layers. I then used a white iridescent paint to wash over the letters. On the edges I used a dark bronze colour paint. Then glue gunned to a popsicle stick and glued a ribbon to the back.
I like how they can be used as tree ornaments but also could be used just as room decorations too - a cute gift for anytime of the year.
Hope everyone is having a fun, stress free holiday. Merry Christmas.

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